In the Business vs On the Business

How one big UNLOCK literally changed everything

Welcome to a new year. I love the feeling of starting over. Of making decisions about what to bring with me into 2024 and what to leave behind in the past. I like a clean slate. I like to leave the past in the past. I love a new beginning.

I left lots of stuff behind this time around. In 2023, I shut down my legacy blog The Reformed Broker and created something totally new from scratch. You’re reading it.

I also made some big changes to the way I had been spending my days at work. When we brought on Jay Tini as firm president in January of 2023, I knew it was going to eventually open up my schedule to do more of the stuff that I am best at. Most importantly, it would allow me to delegate or hand off the stuff where I am just okay, nothing special.

None of us, if we can help it, should be doing things that we are not especially good at. This is easier said than done, of course. It’s hard to specialize in the early days of starting a business. You wear all the hats because there aren’t enough other heads to place them on. If this is still the case ten years later, you haven’t done enough to advance your business.

It took us awhile to be able to afford someone of Jay’s caliber even though we always knew he would be a great fit as an executive of the firm. He was the Fifth Musketeer since day one - Jay actually came to our first Christmas party in December of 2013. It wasn’t much of a party, literally just pitchers of margaritas at Salvation Taco in the east 40’s (gone now). But those were the days. Jay was there. He saw us go from zero to $3 billion. Now, a year later, we’re over $4 billion and he’s doing a lot of the heavy lifting that doesn’t get a lot of attention on social media and isn’t particularly glamorous. But he’s crushing it for us, for our clients and for our employees.

with Michael, Kris and Jay in November 2022 at the New York Public Library, photo by Duncan Hill

Things have worked out even better than what I had originally expected. Jay spending time working inside the business has enabled me to work on the business. In the business and on the business are two different vantage points, I have learned.

Additionally, I get to do more of this stuff without the same pressures and time constraints. Talking to you. My favorite thing to do on earth. Expect more from me in 2024 than I have been able to give in a long time. I am so excited about it.

Last night we dropped the new episode of The Compound and Friends on all podcast platforms. You can also watch the What Are Your Thoughts video segment with Michael and I on YouTube as well. It’s all below…


Or watch:

Hope you’re gearing up for an awesome year.

Talk soon! - Josh

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