The Compound and Friends LIVE Taping in Los Angeles

Venue announced! Ticket site now live!

The Compound and Friends is coming to Los Angeles and you could be in the audience.

Somebody told me there aren’t many opportunities in LA to meet up with other investors, traders, financial advisors, fund managers and everyday stock market aficionados. Well, we’re about to change that. The Compound and Friends is coming to LA on Tuesday, April 30th, to throw the best evening get-together of the year.

We’re taping our show live for an audience of our friends and fans with special guests, food, drinks and an amazing opportunity for investor networking. And we want you to be there.

I asked my friends at Future Proof to help us make this a major event and they did not disappoint. We’ll be recording and partying at Rolling Greens on Mateo, one of the most beautiful venues in the city. Tickets are now available on a first come, first serve basis here:

The Compound and Friends LIVE in Los Angeles

Rolling Greens on Mateo

We’re very excited to host you and say hello. If you’re a Compound fan and want to spread the word, send this link to all your friends and come on out to see us live:


I had a blast talking to Kevin Thompson about the state of the RIA industry. A lot of developing advisory firms and new entrepreneurs in the space are worried about losing their ability to remain independent or being forced to give up their autonomy. I don’t believe that these fears are warranted.

Kevin played Major League Baseball for both the New York Yankees and the Pittsburgh Pirates before leaving the game to become a financial planner. His new podcast is a great listen for practitioners throughout the industry and investors who are curious to eavesdrop on advisor conversations.

Kevin and I talked about the rise of the new wirehouse-esque mega-RIAs, the variety of firms and platforms in our industry, the danger of steering young planners toward “freedom” before they’ve actually learned anything and a lot more. It’s a quick half-hour show and it flew by when I replayed it.

If you’re an advisor or the client of an advisor or have always been curious about the space, I think you’ll enjoy this conversation.

If you’d prefer to listen instead of watching, here’s the Apple Podcasts audio:

Thanks, Kevin!