The Economist Who Called "No Landing" Correctly

RenMac's Neil Dutta joined us for an all new episode of The Compound and Friends

We’re Coming to Naples, FL

OK, first things first! Late last year we brought on someone who I believe is an outstanding financial planner to represent Ritholtz Wealth Management in Naples, Florida. He will take care of our current and future clients on the west coast of the state. This includes Tampa, Destin, Sarasota, Fort Meyers, St. Petersburg, etc.

I’ve grown to love the area over the last few years. This Christmas break, my wife and I took the kids to Tampa to spend the week. We stayed at the Edition Hotel right in the heart of town (beautiful rooms and lobby), watched the Bucs demolish the Jaguars at Raymond James, hit Busch Gardens and the Salvador Dali museum, also did a boat tour of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico’s coastline. Yes, I got my reservation at Bern’s Steakhouse and did the kitchen tour too, don’t worry.

My friend Shirl Penney of Dynasty is big mover and shaker in town these days and he’s been extolling the virtues of Florida’s west coast for years. As usual, he was right. It’s a spectacular place I hope to visit more often.

with Shirl at RayJay on Christmas Eve

I’m happy to announce that we now have Adam Day on board to serve this area and beyond. We brought Adam in after having met him at Future Proof. The whole team was impressed with his dedication to client service, knowledge of financial planning and excitement about the prospect of representing RWM in a booming wealth management market. Adam is up and running and ready to crush it for us. If you’re located there and looking for help with your plan and portfolio, I can’t wait for you to meet him.

Here’s Barry Ritholtz and Michael Batnick with the official invitation to set up a meeting for when the team comes down in early March:

Like the man said, email us [email protected] and use the subject line NAPLES to get in touch.

Neil Dutta on TCAF

At the start of 2023, the consensus among Wall Street’s economists was recession. No economist believed avoiding one would be possible. Save for one. Neil Dutta of RenMac saw something different in the data. Not only did he not see signs of a coming recession, he actually saw a reaccelerating for the US economy and was willing to stick his neck out to say so.

As the year went on, Neil’s colleagues on Wall Street began to abandon their recession calls and get themselves more into line with the reality that he had singularly foreseen. It was a lot of fun hearing the story behind his call and talking about his outlook for 2024.

You can listen to Neil’s first ever appearance on The Compound and Friends right now:

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Special thanks to Chris Brown for this remarkable piece of fan art. We LOL’d bigtime :)

Have an awesome weekend, everyone! Talk soon. - Josh