What to Expect From Disney's Shareholder Battle

...and some Korean friend chicken shots from COQODAQ NYC

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I had so much fun talking to Professor Jeff Sonnenfeld of the Yale School of Management last night about the situation at Disney this spring. The company reports earnings tomorrow (Wednesday) and the voting shareholders are now locked in as of yesterday’s close. At stake? Two board seats that Nelson “The Smiling Crocodile” would very much like to take for himself and his ally Jay Rasulo, Disney’s former CFO. Peltz has enlisted the help (and 25 million votes) of Ike Perlmutter, who became a large owner of Disney upon selling Marvel to Bob Iger in the 2000’s decade. The vote will happen during the first week of April. Jeff is America’s foremost authority on what’s going here. You can watch our discussion below or listen to it via The Compound and Friends podcast.

Catch the replay on YouTube or listen down below on your favorite podcast app:

Korean Fried Chicken

My friend Sam Ro has been saying that Korean food is having a serious moment in NYC. The explosion of popularity for Korean BBQ in the west 30’s (K-Town) has matured into a broader appreciation for the sophisticated flavors and whirlwind of ingredients for the cuisine. Cote NYC became one of the best steakhouses period - Korean or otherwise - over the last few years. It even got a Michelin star.

This month the owners of Cote have opened COQODAQ in the NoMad neighborhood and the place is absolutely sizzling. And it’s known for an upscale take on Korean fried chicken.

So, of course, I had to go.

The decor was done by the Rockwell Group (Nobu Downtown, Zaytinya, Catch Steak, etc) so you already know the place will be sexy as hell. On the night I went, the line to get in - even for reservation holders - was stretched out the door, a bouncer propping it open to accommodate the flow.

I was there with my friends Haley Sacks (Mrs. Dow Jones), Gabe Walker (Preveyor) and one of my favorite CNBC peeps Frank Holland. We took the waiter’s advice and got the Bucket List, basically a signature fried chicken feast with all sorts of sides and dipping sauces.

We also started with The Golden Nugget, which is exactly what is sounds like - a gourmet chicken nugget with either ocean trout roe or caviar on it. These went fast.

For those of you who are concerned with my cholesterol or overall health situation, I’ve been running, lifting weights and sweating like an animal all winter long. I assure you I am counteracting little cheat meals like these. Don’t believe me? Watch me live on today’s What Are Your Thoughts at 5pm EST and see if I don’t look healthier than I did a couple months ago when I started to get my shit together. I’m getting there.

Haley will tell you I took a few bites and was on my best behavior.

NoMad is hot, Korean cuisine is even hotter and COQODAQ is on fire. Stop thinking about it, get a rez!

Okay, that’s it for now, talk soon! - Josh