The Man Who Saved My Career

How Nick Murray came along and showed me my true purpose in this business

I have referred to “Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth” as “the book that changed my life” many times over the years. It’s author, Nick Murray, is a living legend in our industry, having trained and influenced the careers and lives of thousands of financial advisors over the course of decades.

Nick Murray in our Bryant Park headquarters

His books and newsletters have done more to professionalize the careers of advisors than any other single person I can think of. I have him up there with Buffett and Bogle on my own personal Mount Rushmore. I read Nick’s book at a moment of my career where I felt completely rudderless. His message was so undeniably clear and true that I knew it would become my message from the moment I first read it. And it has. Many other advisors would tell you the same thing.

Nick Murray does not do television, radio, videos or podcasts. The fact that he was willing to join us for the first episode of our new advisor-focused YouTube channel, The Unlock, literally meant the world to me.

Michael and I taping with Nick

I cannot tell you how proud I am to share this pilot episode of The Unlock with you. If you’ve been a fan or follower of Nick’s work, you will absolutely love this. And if you’re a financial advisor who hasn’t yet come across him, this might change the course of your career as it did mine.

Nick Murray’s website is the only place to buy his books. The new edition of Simple Wealth is coming this summer. Go to to learn more.

Thank you for watching.

The Unlock is for Financial Advisors

Financial advisors, you may now subscribe to The Unlock here. We’re planning to rock your world with practice management, wealth tech and growth insights that we’ve never shared anywhere else before. Don’t be late.

That’s all from me today, talk soon! - JB