When Michael Cembalest Speaks, Wall Street Listens

You're in for a very special treat

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Michael Cembalest is the Chairman of Market and Investment Strategy for J.P. Morgan Asset & Wealth Management. He works with Mary Callahan Erdoes and Jamie Dimon on a regular basis. He has one of the highest perches from which to view the landscape in all of finance - J.P. Morgan is now the most important financial institution in America and is currently approaching $4 trillion in assets under supervision. When Michael Cembalest speaks, Wall Street listens. He doesn’t do podcasts or television ever. He doesn’t talk to print reporters. Hearing from him in a format like this is a very special treat.

Michael came by this week to tell us what’s on his mind as 2024 gets underway. In this rollicking conversation you’ll pick up so many interesting facts and insights you’re going to want to pause the show to make sure it’s all registering.

We get into the election stuff and the chance that Joe Biden would drop out before the convention. We look at the Magnificent 7 story and why stock market concentration is currently concerning. We tackle the AI opportunity and attempt to separate the meaning from the hype. There’s a lot going on here, we could have kept asking him questions for hours.

Without further delay, ladies and gentlemen, Michael Cembalest:

Thanks for listening, talk soon!