12 Reasons to Be Bullish

The last episode of The Compound and Friends for 2023

This year you guys made The Compound and Friends a top ten show by downloads in the Investing category (data via Chartable and Megaphone). We’re either number 6 or 7 every day upon release.

Over the last 90 days, over a million downloads for The Compound and Friends, over a million downloads for our sister show (brother show?) Animal Spirits and another 100,000+ for our newest network show, Ask the Compound, where Ben Carlson and Duncan Hill take your questions and bring in experts to help answer them each week.

The spikes in the chart below are release days for new episodes. TCAF is averaging 42,000 to 45,000 listeners per episode, plus another 25,000 to 100,000+ viewers on YouTube, depending on the guest (and how catchy the title is, LOL).

Joe Moss of ProAdvisorSuite compiled a list of wealth management industry podcasts and it was cool to see us at the top. There are lots of great podcasts on this list and many folks Michael and I respect and love to listen to.

TCAF isn’t yet number one on the Apple and Spotify charts but it’s inevitable. We talked the other day about Quality and Momentum and this is what we are always striving for as we make the show for you. Quality because we would never waste your time or our own with anything less. Momentum because the more we advance, the better we can make the program for you.

When we get to that top spot you’re going to tell people you were way early to us. Because you were. Thanks for all your support for the show. Keep rockin’ with us into 2024 because we’re planning an amazing run of guests as we speak.

12 Reasons

Today’s new episode, starring our friend Dan Nathan of Risk Reversal Media / CNBC fame, is the final one of 2023. We had a blast, including a rundown of Ed Yardeni’s recent list of a dozen reasons to remain bullish into next year.

These reasons include record corporate cash flow, soaring household net worth, a Fed confident enough in the current conditions to leave rates hanging high, the containment of potential international crises and lots of other stuff. We get into it all.

You can listen to the whole episode on the podcast app of your choice at the link below:

For all you YouTubers out there, we’ll be up on The Compound channel by end of day.

I’m headed out on vacation tomorrow. Need some sunshine and quality time with my wife and kids. It’s been quite a year and I’ve been going non-stop since Future Proof 2023 kicked off this September. Time to chill. Hope you can do the same.

Thanks for everything, talk soon. - Josh